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Who we are
DDNET Solutions, founded in 2006, is a System Integrator and IT Consulting company based in Iasi, Romania. Over the past decade we have offered our services to clients and partners in Europe, North America and Asia. With a strong emphasis on Security and Quality of deliverables, we aim to closely work on understanding our clients needs and tailor each solution to best suit their current and long-term goals.


Our usual approach is to first work with our clients on understanding their current position and long term goals, allowing us to form a successful long-term collaboration. Based on the size of the project, we can offer per-project services, as well as creating dedicated teams committed to long-term collaborations both on and off-site.
Our track-record includes projects varying in scope, from general web-presence and brand management to fully fledged callcenter deployment, monitoring and analytics platform, as well as integration of turn-key IPTV solutions, fully automated datacenter hosting products, online gaming platforms and customized security audits.

Service Types:
  1. - Software and Applications
  2. - Control Panels
  3. - Script Installations
  1. - System Administration
  2. - Service Support & Management
  3. - Security & Firewalls
  1. - Networking
  2. - Maintenance
  3. - Remote Monitoring

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Kyte Dashboard

The Kyte Dashboard is an analytics and media content management solution that provides valuable insight into user involvement, distribution, production and advertising, allowing significant upload and video moderation.

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Airbites Portal

The features and components of the Portal are designed to ensure that the client can easily interact with other Airbites user generated content, change impressions about the latest news, using a simple and intuitive web interface.

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Airbites Intranet

The Airbites private network was first implemented with the main purpose of sharing company information and computing resources among employees on a secure platform.

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Security first

SECURITY FIRST A different -innovative- approach to security and protection from cyber-attacks. ™
Our Security Consultancy branch, DDSEC, is your one stop platform that offers a full set of monitoring and security assessment products that protect your business from any type of information based attacks.
In addition to our tiered automated products, we provide in depth Penetration Testing consultancy, a premium service designed to analyze a company’s infrastructure for vulnerabilities and offer mitigation solutions for most of the identified attack vectors.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to use our vast expertise and understanding of how things work (and integrate with each other) to the benefit of our customers by providing them with long term innovative SOLUTIONS at the highest standards. We see each client as a long term PARTNER and we treat them as such.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become THE company that each partner and client will recommend without hesitation for any system integrations, security testing and network security assessments (based on our proven track record). We think out of the box and offer innovative and cost-efficient solutions tailored to each customers needs. We listen, analyze and provide solutions without losing focus and always thinking long term.


Security first, customer focused, result oriented, passionate and committed to reaching our goals and always deliver on time.

Give us a challenge as we enjoy finding solutions where others cannot.


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