A different -innovative- approach to security and protection from cyber-attacks. ™
Security is becoming very complex these days and there’s no way for a company or a sysadmin/devops team to keep up with everything that is changing. And even if you know what to look for you don’t always have time or the resources to do so and a platform that can monitor all this is very important to any company especially if it’s done right. Right being the key word here because there are solutions out there that offer a “sense of security” by scanning your website for past vulnerabilities or basic compliance but in our opinion this is in part -bad- because it creates a false sense of security. An attacker (be it a hacker or now days even state sponsored organizations) will try everything to get inside your network so you need the best protection there is. Of course, an automated system cannot protect you from everything but it can mitigate a big chunk of the attack vectors. If done right, protecting your intranet is a very big plus which can prevent your company data being made public on the internet or sold to the highest bidder. Most companies and sysadmin/devops teams only focus on protecting the front end internet facing servers, but we are making a strong case for protecting company intranets.

Usually the information you disclose to the world by public facing servers is what gets your systems compromised in more targeted attacks. By analyzing this data we can reduce the public footprint and mitigate a lot of attack vectors. Another important thing to note is that everybody can make mistakes and automated systems like this can detect if anything changed or is wrong with your security policy, for example, and it can alert the administrator(s) instantly. A system like this will also know when you can become vulnerable because if new flaws or attack vectors are being detected in the wild you can be informed ahead of time.

“Our vision is to become one of the world leaders in security testing and network security assessments offering our clients the most innovative and efficient solutions on the market.”
DDSEC is offering a full set of monitoring & security assessment products to protect your business from any type of information/computer based attacks. We provide comprehensive security solutions that safeguard your company’s infrastructure.
Test your web applications for vulnerabilities
  • Injections, Disclosure, Malware detections etc.
Test your network for vulnerabilities
  • Simulate a network attack on your network
  • Check for known vulnerabilities
  • Brute force checks
Analyze Your Exposure
  • Infrastructure assessment
    • Based on information the client is providing or starting with the public facing services only
    • Based on public indexed information (Google Search API for example, Network Tools archive etc.)
  • Network discovery of systems/services and information leakage
Monitor your network and services
  • Make sure your services are running (and detect any changes that can be considered downtime, hidden services or compromised systems)
  • Get notifications when services you are running are vulnerable to new attack vectors (when new vulnerabilities are discovered for services you are running)
Get recommendations on how to improve your security
  • Security guidelines and best practice recommendation’s
Compliance and quality assurance
  • Automated security checks and compliance checks (get site seal for security industry best practices like SSL cipher recommendations, PCI compliance etc.)

Using an innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) approach, we are able to provide you with a professional, reliable, highly scalable, easy to access and cost-efficient monitoring and assessment tool that will enable and safeguard your company’s infrastructure in the future.

The DDNET dedicated monitoring platform, with 24/7 redundant server clusters, service and network availability tests, will offer you reliable and on the fly notifications about your company’s network and servers’ status.

No matter whether you run a database, web, mail, ftp, DNS or any other type of service, we can help you monitor its status. Leave the monitoring job to our automated service so that you may concentrate on other important things for your business.

Supported protocols:
  • Ping (ICMP): to ensure the server’s connectivity to the Internet
  • FTP (port 21): to ensure your users can download and upload files
  • SSH (port 22): to ensure secure remote administration is available
  • SMTP (port 25): to ensure incoming emails are accepted
  • DNS (port 53): to ensure domain names are being resolved correctly
  • HTTP (port 80): to ensure web pages are served correctly
  • POP3 (port 110): to ensure you are able to retrieve POP3 emails
  • IMAP (port 143): to ensure you are able to retrieve IMAP emails
  • HTTPS (port 443): to ensure secure web pages are served correctly
  • MySQL (port 3306): to ensure MySQL database server is running
  • PostgreSQL (port 5432): to ensure PostgreSQL database server is running
  • Custom port: we can monitor any arbitrary service

Proactive Monitoring

Service Offering

DDNET provides remote monitoring for our client critical IT infrastructure operations with a list of responsive and proactive options. We monitor services, thresholds, events and possible security violations. We can also handle the initial fix as per agreed instructions and issue notifications into external systems or directly to your company's assigned contact person.

  • Availability
  • Disk and Memory Utilization
  • CPU Load
  • I/O Utilization
  • Performance Thresholds
  • Node Up/Down
  • Performance Bottlenecks
  • Custom scripts(on demand)
  • Connection Time
  • Request Statistics
  • Connection Statistics
  • Thread Details
  • Table Lock Statistics
  • Key efficiency
  • Query Hit Ratio
  • HTTP
  • SMTP
  • DNS
  • FTP
  • XMMP
  • Connectivity
  • Custom scripts(on demand)

Internet of secure things

Solutions Offered

  • smart fingerprinting for IoT devices (ability to identify the type of device and attack vectors)
  • smart sensors that will react based on attack vectors
  • pattern detection and threat identification with alert issuing for subscribers

  • Security solution for embedded devices must ensure the device firmware has not been tampered with, it must secure the data stored by the device, secure communication and it must protect the device from cyber-attacks. This can only be achieved by including security in the early stages of design.
  • Secure boot
  • Secure updates
  • Data security
  • Authentication
  • Secure communication
  • Protection against cyber attacks
  • Intrusion detection and monitoring
  • Embedded security management
  • Device tampering detection