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Kyte Dashboard

Kyte Dashboard

Kyte Dashboard

What is the Dashboard?

The Kyte Dashboard is an analytics and media content management solution that provides valuable insight into user involvement, distribution, production and advertising, allowing significant upload and video moderation.
Smart KPIs in the Kyte Dashboard

Show views
Measures the amount of shows viewed in a specified amount of time.
Player Activity
Reports players activity using charts or tabular data over a specific range of time.
The key feature of the analytics module that provides valuable information regarding the ranking of the shows.
Unique viewer by platform
Analytics metrics on distribution. It reveals the number of the viewers that have seen the platform at least one time.
How many shows are produced
In terms of production the Dashboard data includes the number of showed produced in a certain period of time.
Shows produced by what method?
The charts and different type of structured data are categorized depending on the shows production method.
Ad impressions
Reporting the advertising activity such as ad impressions helps the customer decide about his own activity. Those kinds of relevant data are accessible for integration into the customers analytics solutions through API.
Content Management Modules
The Dashboard tools for uploading, managing and broadcasting videos are based on concepts such as simple drag-and-drop functionality (such as changing the order of the shows in a channel) and it is found to be extremely easily to copy, delete or download the media. Producing new shows key feature is to follow some basic steps: upload video, edit video (title, description, specific show time etc.) and publish video.

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