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Airbites Portal

Airbites Portal

Airbites Portal
Achieved Goals:

  • Encourage the clients to upgrade their monthly subscription package.
  • Differentiate Airbites from the other ISPs on the market.
  • Promoting Airbites products and services by already branded products (such as blogs, forums, chat).
Customer Relationship Management
  • Entertaining the clients by constantly adding new content.
  • Creating an interactive community for the clients.
  • Secure our clients loyalty by offering unique features.
  • Designing and implementing a complete distributed server system, deployable in any number of countries.
  • Interconnecting every client-oriented feature with existing systems (billing info, traffic graphs) and creating a series of new systems that will aid in providing dedicated features to our clients (web hosting, e-mail, blogs, multimedia gallery).
  • Creating a highly customizable webpage layout using the best technology available.

Creating Trademarks
Single sign-on: the AirPass allows our clients to authenticate themselves with an username and a password having access to all the portals services.
Network security: any sensitive information (authentication process, billing information, private chat) is being secured using HTTPS.
Server platforms: we use highly customized and secured linux-based software platforms for our web servers, mail servers and hosting servers. The global server that is hosting content at and the localised ones in every country are linked together by a secure proprietary communication protocol for database updates and content exchange.
Network capacity: the portal is using only it's own network bandwidth but our clients will always interact with the closest server to them. This is possible due to our distributed server solution.
Scalability: our solution is designed to be scalable, both hardware and software.
Redundancy and failover: by using a distributed system, we can route all our clients to secondary servers in case of a server or link failure.
Backup and recovery: besides having access to a highly intuitive CMS, Airbites technicians and administrators have access to a backup utility that will allow them to chose what content to be backed-up, at what intervals of time, etc.
Security oriented: over the last 12 years we have specialised on security related solution.
The Efficiency of Our Solutions
The Airbites community AirPass is based on the idea of single username & password used for gaining access to every resource the portal can offer. The user is able to authenticate with the portal using the same credentials for every active component.
After logon the interface is highly customizable making the user spend as much time as possible on the portal.
Airbites Community Portal (Re) Creation
All the features and components of the Portal are designed to ensure that the client can easily interact with other Airbites users generate content, change impressions about the latest news, using a simple and intuitive web interface. Approach oriented on creating an Airbites social network. Advanced features presented as content available to business clients only.
Airbites Community Portal (Re) Creation
Billing: basic interface for payment and a notification system for invoices and monthly billing information.
Traffic graphs: daily graphs for traffic and time spent online for internet, metropolitan and telephony usage.
Webmail: each client has his own e-mail account, accessible directly from the Airbites Community Portal.
  • Personal Web Page
  • Blog
  • Galleries (Images, Video, Audio)
  • Shoutbox (live chat):
  • public chat, channel oriented
  • regional channels
  • topic oriented with public webcams, emoticons, avatars
  • private chat using webcam, microphone, chat, interactive picture sharing

Portal Advanced Features
Calendar / TODO list: web based calendar that allows our clients to organize schedule and share events with friends.
Email & SMS alerts:
  • billing
  • news
  • calendar-based
  • TV schedule
  • Online payment: dedicated gateway for credit card processing that allows our clients to pay their monthly services online using our portal:
  • Credit card payment
  • SMS payment (an alternative and easy to use payment system)

Public Content
Search engine
News engine:
  • Horoscope
  • TV schedule
  • Exchange rates
  • Events
  • Local events in your city
  • Movies, concers, expositions etc.
Downloads: trailers, patches, game demos.
Discussion forums: public discussion forums organized in separate sections closely moderated by a group of users.
Survey Polls: advanced survey system developed in order to create custom polls to gather all kind of relevant information about our clients.
Rating system: a voting system designed to allow our clients to give ratings to all public or user-generated content.
The Airbites clients benefit from an Administrative notice message system that will permit the network administrators to inform the clients about network upgrades.

Promotional Campaigns Fully Supported by the Portal
During our long term collaboration with Airbites the portal served as a useful tool for promoting the Airbites campaigns.
  • Static banners
  • Flash banners
  • Dedicated section for Promotions
  • Personalized products Order Form (for business clients and residential clients)
  • Integrating different marketing solutions into the portal to sustain the campaigns.

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