Airbites Intranet
The Airbites private network was first implemented with the main purpose of sharing company information and computing resources among employees.
Promoting common corporate culture
Each Airbites Intranet user can view the information within the Intranet, can join groups of interest, and can exchange messages. We managed to introduce the concept of groups inside the Intranet. After browsing for all the visible groups an employee can join the group(s) and start watching the events that take place in the group. The easiest way to do this is by following the updates directly from the RSS reader client or email client.

Productivity at Work
Developed as a web browser interface the Intranet helps the employees to perform their jobs faster, with more confidence that the information they found there is more accurate. Their access to the Resources database is extremely important to their roles and responsibilities and it improves the quality of their work. Relevant information that is available through the Intranet is regarding the projects and tasks. Organizing and managing projects gains a new level of interactivity amongst the Intranet users, supporting the social network created. The employees get involved into the project's tasks by having them assigned to them; the system provides information such as priority of the task, deadline of the task, assignee of the task, etc. All he needs to do is completing the tasks using one criteria or another. Using these tools needs to be encouraged to assure productivity in the work field.

The Airbites Intranet requires an authentication prior to access which makes the user knowing exactly who is he interfacing with. Compared to e-mailing the Intranet serves as a powerful tool for keeping the employees linked to relevant information at a time that suits them. The 'Time Management' feature is specially designed for the user to view all the events that may occur in a single timetable organized by the name of the event. Viewing all the events also provides extra information such as: Creator, Visibility, Importance, Status etc. The tool contains an RSS feed with a unique RSS key for each user.

Communication inside the Community
Mass Messaging in a group and following group discussion boards are easy to use features supported by the Intranet. The Airbites Intranet Administrator can restrain or enhance the rights of an user to participate at messaging. Message boards are important tools for communication. You can see the discussion board as a rights protected forum. You can create as many as you want and have a specific topic discussion within it. The messaging tool is unlimited. A user can post a message regarding another user, post a message for a request form, task or project. Starting from adding a new user to configuration dashboards that put together different elements from the Intranet, the platform can be administrated by a user with the certain rights. By having the necessary rights a user can administrate the Intranet by itself.

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