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Internet of Things
Make everything smarter and secure ™
With the general advance of the IoT field in the past few years, it has become evident that a lot of current implementations struggle with both security and a flexible updating mechanism. Based on our previous experience in these fields, we feel we can help IoT developers and integrators in three key phases of development:

For existing IoT solution, already deployed or ready to deploy

We can offer a full-fledged security audit of your existing deployment, focusing on identifying key vulnerabilities in the communication and control protocols, managing and improving the on-device security (by implementing best practices regarding unique key generation, proper end-to-end encryption, offering solutions for physical security, etc) and offering flexible solutions for updating and maintaining the future compatibility of the system.

Best practices consulting for still in development “in-house” solutions

Based on our experience in developing the DDNET MSS (Modular Software Stack), we can offer custom-tailored solutions for your IoT implementation.
We can offer in-depth experience with a variety of embedded platforms (ranging from mBed, Arduino, RaspberryPi and various RTOS distributions) as well as best practicing on accessing, acquiring and transmitting various sensor-driven data.

Migrate your existing infrastructure to the DDNET MMS

The DDNET MSS was designed with a clear goal of being as modular as possible in order to suit as many real-world applications as possible.
We provide a series of modules for each part of the software stack - from support for Real Time OS’s to embedded boards on the sensor side, to self-hosted and cloud hosted modules for data acquisition and storage, leading to a fully customizable dashboard.

What we offer

Our device-access and data-transport modules have been designed with full data management and on-the-fly updating in mind. Even without updating the firmware, our solution can adapt in real-time to data driven demands and change the data-points being uploaded, allowing for better resource management for both energy and bandwidth.
Using smart macros on the device also allows for better energy efficiency and bandwidth savings, by being able to set custom ranges for each data-point, that if not reached will limit the number of uploads per session. Imagine a temperature sensor that only transmits small heart-beat messages if the current registered temperature is within a 0.05 margin of the previous sent value.
We believe that our single communication channel with a central Control module limits the avenues of attack on the solution, without affecting on-the-fly updates and future modifications.
All our modules are designed with security as a top-priority and offer best-practice features, such as: individual module security certificates, DNSSEC availability, end-to-end encryption on the transport channel, encrypted data storage, etc.



With vast experience in creating data-driven analytics platforms, we have designed the DDNET MSS Dashboard to be a one-stop platform for both data analysts and support / monitoring in any IoT deployment.
The general use modules provide an overview of all sensors deployed per project, offering an at-glance view of sensor health, data acquisition rates, over time averages and so on. Custom alerting rules can be defined for each data-point, as well as different levels of alerting for data-point availability and consistency.
Data analysts can use the extended data querying and plotting modules to create detailed statistics on a per-project basis. Detailed reports can be created and a background monitoring task can be enabled to automate the creation of reports suiting each client’s needs.

Example implementions

  • Flood monitoring and alert system
  • Water metering
  • Secure house / Asset tracking

Custom tailored solutions

  • Fast prototyping
  • Platform agnostic
  • Embedded systems vast experience
  • Technology first and innovations