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Server administration and management
With a 12 years experience in server and equipment administration for various Internet providers in Europe, North America and Asia, the DDNET team designed a wide range of utilities to ease the administration, the monitoring and the control over servers and equipments specific to an Internet Service Provider.

Starting from optimized installations of operating systems to creating redundant systems for Internet access, the DDNET team offers you a centralized management solution with the highest standards.
By using the hardware equipment capacity, the graphics generating using the SNMP interogations allow to analyse the network capacity on different areas and to control the critical points of the network and the possible development plans.
By having a clear evidence on the client traffic, we can develop network optimisation plans, network capacity development plans and even extension plans in different areas while keeping the attention focuses on the communication needs of the customers.

Server administration and management
As we can acess very detailed graphics, we can implement advanced traffic shaping solutions, QoS and bandwidth administration by using our own applications. During the years the DDNET team created optimisation solutions and bandwidth-reducing solutions by using our own algorithms and customized solution based on transparent proxy servers and web accelarators.
The DDNET team constantly monitors the servers, their parameters and the uptime, the status of the services that run on these servers. There are installed notification protocols (email alerts, sms alerts) in case of emergencies.

In order to insure a 99.99 % guaranteed uptime, DDNET implemented a series of automized software applications and dedicated hardware solutions and offered redundant connectivity and 24h access to the critical servers. Furthemore, for failure situations we created a very well system based on redundant access and control solutions.

During the last few years DDNET developed a series of inovative solutions in direct connection to the highest standards for data security and access control on web servers, mail servers and database servers.
The traffic analysis is a key factor in choosing the optimum administration policy and in optimum bandwidth which allows us to implement personalised solutions for each individual network.

Using open source solutions DDNET succeeded in developing a suite of customizable applications to take over and analyse the traffic, thus offering relevant information on the generated traffic by the hosted websites. As we have access to these information the beneficiary of our solution can use efficient marketing strategies, can develop the existing content or can even start client-targeted marketing campaigns.

Among the most important statistics offered by our solution we can find:
  • hit count (the number of times one page was accessed)
  • visits (the visitor number in a given time interval)
  • referers (the pages where the clients came from)
  • countries (statistics on the geographical areas of the site visitors)
  • traffic (the total information quantity that was broadcasted)

All these information are processed and presented to the various departments in an attractive graphic format, as spread sheets using both the managing sector and the financial one. All the statistics can be harvested depending on a sum of factors (hours, days, months, years etc)

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